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11 publications
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Thomas Delpierre, Keith Mccormick, Michael Backhouse, Julie Bruce & Lindsey Cherry, 2023, Journal of Wound Care, 32(4), 214-219
Type: article
Laura Rossiter, Ruth Turk, Belinda Judd, Jennie Brentnall, Chloe Grimmett, Emma Cowley, Keith McCormick & Deborah Thackray, 2023, BMC Medical Education, 23(1)
Type: article
Laura Rossiter, Ruth Turk, Chloe Grimmett, Belinda Judd, Jennie Brentnall, Emma Cowley, Rachel Dadswell, Keith Mccormick & Deborah Thackray, 2022, British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 85(8S)
Type: conference
Geraldine Clough, Keith McCormick, Eleonora Scorletti, Lokpal Bhatia, Philip Calder, Michael Griffin & Christopher Byrne, 2016, Diabetologia, 59(7), 1422-1429
Type: article
Eleonora Scorletti, Annette L. West, Lokpal Bhatia, Samuel P. Hoile, Keith McCormick, Graham C. Burdge, Karen A. Lillycrop, Geraldine F. Clough, Philip C. Calder & Christopher D. Byrne, 2015, Journal of Hepatology, 63(6), 1476-1483
Type: article
Mayank Patel & Keith McCormick, 2015
Type: bookChapter
E. Scorletti, L. Bhatia, Keith McCormick, G.F. Clough, K. Nash, L. Hodson, H.E. Moyses, P.C. Calder & Christopher D. Byrne, 2014, Hepatology, 60(4), 1211-1221
Type: article
E. Scorletti, L. Bhatia, K.G McCormick, G.F. Clough, K. Nash, P.C. Calder & C.D. Byrne, 2014, Contemporary Clinical Trials, 37(2), 301-311
Type: article