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Doctor Jane Lavery

Dr Jane Lavery

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Mexican Day of the Dead, Covid-19 and diaspora.
  • Latin(a) multimedia women writers and artists (i.e writers and artists whose works straddle multiple disciplines (literature, art performance, photography, video, art installation, cyberspace).
  • Latin(a) American Women writers and artists

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


BA, Hons French and Spanish, University of Cambridge 1993-1997
PhD, Hispanic Studies, University of Swansea 1997-2002.
University of Kent, 2003-2006 as Latin American Studies Lecturer
Head of Section (2005-06).
Hispanic Studies Lecturer at the University of Southampton (2006-present).

Leadership and Engagement 

Modern Languages and Linguistics Outreach Officer: responsible for organising and hosting several online and campus-based school enrichment engagement activities welcoming ca 3,350 school children studying MFL. The events listed below are part of Routes into Languages. 

MLL  6th form conference for years 12 and 13; Year 10 and 8 Study Days; Year 8 and 9 Translation Spelling Bee Awards Ceremony; Year 7 South East Regional Finals Spelling Bee and National Regional Finals Spelling Bee Awards Ceremony; Years 7-13 National Mexican Day of the Dead online and face to face events in collaboration with the Mexican Embassy to the UK; School Talks and erichment subject talks and workshops; Co-Lead Routes South: Year 10 Mandarin Excellence Programme Study Day