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Professor Daniel Whiting

Professor Daniel Whiting

Professor of Philosophy

Research interests

  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Aesthetics

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Address: B65, Avenue Campus, Highfield Road, SO17 1BF


I am a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton. At the start of 2024, I will take up a Fellowship funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to complete a project titled, Sympathy in Harmony: Margaret Cavendish's Philosophy of Value.

From 2019-2021, I led an international network on Higher-Order Evidence in Epistemology, Ethics, and Aesthetics, also funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The "core" members of the network were Elinor Mason (Edinburgh), Jon Robson (Nottingham), and Weiping Zheng (Xiamen).

Between 2013 and 2015, I was the Principal Investigator on a research project, again supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Normativity: Epistemic and Practical. My Co-Investigators were Conor McHugh and Jonathan Way. Prior to that, we led the 'Aims and Norms' workshop series, funded by the British Academy.

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