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Doctor Denis Drieghe

Dr Denis Drieghe

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • My research can be situated in the field of eye movements during reading.
  • One of my main research lines has been related to parafoveal processing: How accurate is parafoveal processing, and how does it influence the decision whether to skip the next word or not; How does it relate to foveal processing (i.e. simultaneous or only after foveal processing has been concluded). Additionally, my research has examined reading in multiple languages (English, Dutch, Finnish, Chinese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese), and has directly compared reading in different languages both between native speakers and within bilinguals. Recent projects involved looking at task effects during reading (e.g. reading for comprehension versus skimming) and individual differences in reading (e.g. spelling skills and reading ability).
  • Besides these topics, I'm also interested in a wide range of phenomena, all dealing with either eye movements in reading or the processing of words in general.

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Address: B44, West Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ


Denis Drieghe joined the Psychology department of the University of Southampton in 2009. He is an Associate Professor in Experimental Psychology, and his research involves recording eye movements to examine cognitive processing during reading.

Denis is an Associate Editor for Behavior Research Methods (since 2020) and Psychologica Belgica (since 2014). His research has been funded by the Fund for Scientific Research – Flanders, the Leverhulme Trust, the Experimental Psychological Society and the Australian Research Council.

Denis is currenty the Deputy Head of School (Research & Enterprise) for the School of Psychology.


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