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Professor Simone De Liberato

Professor Simone De Liberato

Professorial Fellow (Research)

Research interests

  • Ultrastrong cavity quantum electrodynamics
  • Mid-infrared nanophotonics
  • Foundations of quantum mechanics

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Prof Simone De Liberato is Professor of Quantum Nanophotonics and Royal Society University Fellow at the School of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Southampton. Before becoming Faculty in Southampton in 2012, he was there as Marie Curie Fellow and previously at the University of Tokyo as Postdoctoral Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

His research interest is on light-matter interaction in extreme regimes, and how the novel physics observed in such a regime can find applications in classical and quantum technologies. In Southampton he leads the Quantum Theory and Technology group, investigating solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics for both fundamental and technological applications.

Prof Simone De Liberato is also an entrepreneur and business angel, having created and funded multiple successful technological startups. He is presently the Chief Technology Officer of Sensorium Technological Laboratories, a Tennessee-based startup developing and commercialising novel technologies for mid-infrared classical and quantum sensing.