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Doctor Mark Burton

Doctor Mark Burton

Research Fellow

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Address: Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road Shirley, SO16 6YD (View in Google Maps)


8 publications
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C Vaz,
PF Tan,
J Huan,
TPX Yoo,
K Donnelly,
SJ Wellstead,
S Lewis,
YS Chong,
PD Gluckman,
& N Karnani
, 2021 , bioRxiv
Type: article
R.C. Huang,
P.E. Melton,
L.J. Beilin,
R. Clarke-Harris,
E. Cook,
G.C. Burdge,
T.A. Mori,
D Anderson ,
S. Rauschert,
J.M. Craig,
M.S. Kobor,
J.L. MacIsaac,
A.M. Morin,
W.H. Oddy,
C.E. Pennell,
J.D. Holbrook,
, 2021 , Epigenetics
Type: article
Elie Antoun,
Emma Garratt,
Andrea Taddei,
Mark Burton,
Philip Titcombe,
Alicia Baczynska,
Eugenia Migliavacca,
Jerome N. Feige,
Richard Dodds,
Peter Richardson,
Avan A. Sayer,
Joanna D. Holbrook,
Harnish Patel,
, 2021 , Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle
Type: article
R. S. Penailillo,
G. C. Burdge,
T. P. Fleming,
, 2021 , Molecular Reproduction and Development , 88 (4) , 261--273
Type: article
Elie Antoun,
Reyna S Penailillo,
Graham C Burdge,
, 2020 , Nutrients , 12 (9) , 1--13
Type: article
Mark A. Burton,
, 2019 , Proceedings of the Nutrition Society , 1--8
Type: article
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