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Doctor Mark Burton

Doctor Mark Burton

Research Fellow

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Address: Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road Shirley, SO16 6YD (View in Google Maps)


9 publications
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Phillip E. Melton,
Keith Godfrey,
Sebastian Rauschert,
D Anderson ,
Graham Burdge,
Trevor A. Mori,
L. J. Beilin,
O.T. Ayonrinde,
J.M. Craig,
J K Olynyk,
Joanna D Holbrook,
Craig E. Pennell,
Wendy H. Oddy,
E. K. Moses,
L.A. Adams,
& Rae-Chi Huang
, 2023 , Hepatology International
Type: article
C Vaz,
PF Tan,
J Huan,
TPX Yoo,
Kerry Donnelly,
SJ Wellstead,
FD Houghton,
S Lewis,
YS Chong,
PD Gluckman,
& N Karnani
, 2021
Type: other
R.C. Huang,
P.E. Melton,
L.J. Beilin,
R. Clarke-Harris,
E. Cook,
G.C. Burdge,
T.A. Mori,
D Anderson ,
S. Rauschert,
J.M. Craig,
M.S. Kobor,
J.L. MacIsaac,
A.M. Morin,
W.H. Oddy,
C.E. Pennell,
J.D. Holbrook,
& K.A. Lillycrop
, 2021 , Epigenetics
Type: article
Elie Antoun,
Emma Garratt,
Andrea Taddei,
Philip Titcombe,
Alicia Baczynska,
Eugenia Migliavacca,
Jerome N. Feige,
Holly Emma Syddall,
Richard Dodds,
Peter Richardson,
Avan A. Sayer,
Joanna D. Holbrook,
Harnish Patel,
, 2021 , Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle
Type: article
R. S. Penailillo,
G. C. Burdge,
& K. A. Lillycrop
, 2021 , Molecular Reproduction and Development , 88 (4) , 261--273
Type: article
Elie Antoun,
Reyna S Penailillo,
Graham C Burdge,
& Karen A Lillycrop
, 2020 , Nutrients , 12 (9) , 1--13
Type: article
& Karen A. Lillycrop
, 2019 , Proceedings of the Nutrition Society , 1--8
Type: article
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