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Mr Behrad Koohy

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Student Biography: I'm a first year PhD student, undertaking a project in collaboration with Siemens Mobility on "Artificial Intelligence and Mechanism Design for Optimal Routing of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles". I am supervised by Dr Stein and Dr Gerding within the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. Prior to undertaking a PhD, I graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc in Computer Science. 

I am particularly fascinated by the field of intelligent traffic management, including, but not limited to the applications of reinforcement and deep learning in traffic systems - it is estimated that 46,447,500 (83%) of the United Kingdom population live in urban areas where road traffic congestion is a major factor to poor air quality for individuals which is associated with increased morbidity from respiratory diseases. In 2017, commuters in London lost on average 227 hours and £1,680 due to congestion and the total cost of congestion to the UK was approximately £8 billion.

Supervisors: Dr Sebastian Stein, Dr Enrico Gerding

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