Dr Sijing Liang

Research Fellow

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Sijing received her B. Eng. degree in Optical Engineering from Zhejiang University, China, in 2014 and Ph. D degree in optoelectronics from Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), University of Southampton, UK in 2019. Her PhD research focused on developing high power pulsed Thulium doped fibre lasers for realising nonlinear frequency conversion to mid-IR or visible wavelengths (e.g., supercontinuum generation, harmonic generation, and parametric nonlinearities). After completion of her PhD, she continues to work at the ORC as a research fellow where she contributes to developing advanced telecom amplifiers by means of various technologies (e.g., multicore fibre amplifiers, Raman amplifiers and parametric amplifiers). Her research interests include multicore fibre technology, pulsed fibre lasers and nonlinear optics.