Doctor Istebreq Saeedi

Dr Istebreq Saeedi

Lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Eng

Research interests

  • Dielectric materials
  • Green insulations
  • Polymer physics and chemistry

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Dr. Istebreq Saeedi received her MSc degree in energy and sustainability with electrical power engineering in 2014 and her Ph.D in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2020 both from the university of Southampton, funded by prestigious Schlumberger Foundation faculty for the Future. She joined the University of Southampton as a lecturer working with the Electrical Power Engineering research group in 2021. Prior to joining the university of Southampton, while she was still a postgraduate student, she joined The Welding Institute TWI in Cambridge where she then spent two years working as operations project leader. She specialised in leading projects on developing innovative polymeric materials for applications in energy, oil & gas and automotive industries. Dr Saeedi is a member of the Schlumberger foundation faculty of the future and a member of IEEE WIE (Women in Engineering). Her research interests are focused on dielectric materials, green insulations, electrical insulation systems, polymer composites and smart polymeric materials.