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Doctor Lu Heng Sunny Yu

Dr Lu Heng Sunny Yu

Teaching Fellow

Research interests

  • Quantum gravity, Quantum field theory, Relativity, Gravity and Cosmology
  • Mathematics and Physics Education

More research


Address: B54, West Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ (View in Google Maps)


Dr Lu Heng Sunny Yu is a Teaching Fellow and the Outreach and Schools Liaison for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton.  

Sunny Yu is a Mathematician and Theoretical Physicist.  He is interested in many areas of mathematics and theoretical physics, with current particular focus on Quantum gravity.  His current reserach includes nonperturbative methods in quantum gravity and quantum field theory, and the subsequent implications on cosmology and the universe.

Sunny has also a strong passion in Mathematics and Physics teaching and education.  In addition to his research and teaching, Sunny also works on various aspect of Outreach, communications, and educational research for Mathematical Sciences.

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