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Doctor Jelena Petrovic

Doctor Jelena Petrovic

Principal Enterprise Fellow

Research interests

  • Board directors and top management teams
  • CEO pay 
  • HR professional influence on business strategy

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.

Connect with Jelena


Dr Jelena Petrovic is a Principal Enterprise Fellow and Associate Professor of Strategic Leadership within Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton.

Jelena has secured a management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funding worth £180,000 from the UK Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as a Lead Academic. The mKTP is a strategic management-based project aimed at driving effectiveness through better management practices and bringing strategic leadership skills to an SME, which would result in business innovation and growth.

Jelena welcomes PhD applications in strategic leadership, which is about understanding of how individual and group behaviour at top management and board level influences organisational outcomes. 

She is particularly interested in supervising PhDs that are in the following areas: 

  • HR professional influence on business strategy
  • CEO pay: A behavioural perspective 
  • Board dynamics and board effectiveness 
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