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Mrs Cagla Dayangan

Mrs Cagla Dayangan

Research interests

  • Consumer behaviour and self-identity
  • Conspicuous consumption
  • Brand management

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Cagla Dayangan is a Postgraduate Researcher affiliated with Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton. Her current research, situated in the Department of Digital and Data-driven Marketing, delves into the realms of consumer psychology (agentic motives), conspicuous consumption, and branding. Cagla's academic pursuits extend to exploring the intersection of international marketing and supply chain management, with a keen focus on demand-side perspectives. As a researcher, Cagla navigates the dynamic landscape of digital and data-driven marketing, bringing a fresh perspective to understanding the evolving relationship between consumer behaviour and contemporary marketing strategies. Cagla's commitment to advancing knowledge in these domains is complemented by the previous practical experience with an intent to bridge academic rigour with real-world insights.