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Research group

Centre for marketing research

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Our research centre is involved in modern traditional marketing areas, with a focus on marketing methodologies and consumer related issues.

Part of Business


Our research areas include:

  • innovative research methodologies
  • retailing
  • advertising
  • marketing strategy
  • services
  • influencer marketing
  • sensory marketing
  • sustainability
  • corporate social responsibility (CSR) 

We focus on the intersection of marketing and advances in digital technology such as:

  • digital marketing
  • big data
  • marketing analytics
  • performance measurement

The centre members successfully attract competitive research grants from prestigious funding bodies, and are in collaboration with national/international academic and industry partners. 

Projects and publications

Our people

My current research involves examining how people react to brands espousing social causes, corporate brand crisis communication, impact of social media, and services.
Head of Department
My research interests include entrepreneurship and strategic behaviour of family businesses and SMEs.
Head of School
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