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Dr Denis Drieghe BSc, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor, Erasmus and Exchange Coordinator

Dr Denis Drieghe's photo

Dr Denis Drieghe is Associate Professor within Psychology at the University of Southampton.

I am an Associate Professor in Quantitative Methods at the Psychology Department. I started my academic career at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium where I got my PhD in Experimental Psychology. After my PhD I was able to secure consecutive positions as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow from the Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders for a total of 5 years. During my time in Ghent, I also obtained multiple grants to go abroad for research visits. Spread over three separate visits, I spent a total of 2.5 years working at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA (USA). On February 1st, 2009 I arrived at Southampton University for what was supposed to be another one year research visit. However, I was getting so much work done and having so much fun doing it, that I decided to stick around a bit longer. On September 1st, 2010, I started my position at Southampton University as a lecturer in quantitative methods and became a senior lecturer after a year, a position later rebranded into Associate Professor.

Research interests

My research can be situated in the field of eye movements during reading and is focused on a number of issues mainly but not exclusively concerning parafoveal processing: How accurate is parafoveal processing, and how does it influence the decision whether to skip the next word or not; How does it relate to foveal processing (i.e. simultaneous or only after foveal processing has been concluded). Recently, I have also started working on reading in languages that are either non-alphabetic such as Chinese or use an alphabet different from the latin alphabet, such as Arabic. Another line of research I have pursued in the past and continue to do work on deals with bilingualism and how people read in their non-native language. Besides these questions, I'm also interested in a wide range of phenomena, all dealing with either eye movements in reading or the processing of words in general.

Research group

Centre for Perception and Cognition (CPC)

Research project(s)

Eye movements during reading

Psychological processes active during the processing of written linguistic material

I am the REF Champion for Psychology as well as the Erasmus and Exchange Coordinator. I am also a member of the Ethical Committee for Psychology and a Member of the Centre for Visual Cognition and I make coffee for my collaborators and students.

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I teach the Statistical Programming in R module (PSYC6055) for postgraduate students and Advanced Quantitative Research Skills as an optional module (PSYC3064) for the BSc in Psychology program. I also give a Thinking Psychologically (PSYC1005) tutorial. During Easter Break I teach a three day intensive course on Programming in R and Linear Mixed Models for PGR students and members of staff. I also supervise 3rd year students for their Literature Review (PSYC3003) and Research Project (PSYC3005).

Dr Denis Drieghe
Building 44 Highfield Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number: 44/4105

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