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The University of Southampton

Research project: Positive Online Weight Reduction Plus (POWeR+)

Currently Active: 

Obesity is a major and rapidly rising public health threat. Large patient numbers, limited staff training and time pressures mean that delivering face-to-face behavioural interventions in practice can be resource intensive.

This study explores the use of the Internet as a way of providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative. Having extensively piloted an online behavioural package for self-management of weight (POWeR), the POWeR+ study is the main randomised control trial and aims:

  • to trial an online behavioural package for patient self-management and nurse training support using the LifeGuide software
  • to investigate the type and frequency of support patients require alongside an online behavioural package to be able to manage their weight
  •  to obtain feedback from patients and nurses about their perceptions of the intervention materials and the website

Duration: February 2013 – December 2014
Funded by the NIHR
PI: Prof Paul Little
CI: Prof Lucy Yardley

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