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Research project: Visual adaptation and re-calibration

Currently Active: 

The visual system must continually adapt to change that can be internal (e.g. developmental changes) or external (changes in the structure of the environment).

We are interested in how the visual system adapts and recalibrates in order to maintain its task of delivering an accurate and robust representation of its surroundings. We are interested in a number of topics including:

  1. How visual and haptic (touch) information works as feedback to re-calibrate our perceptual systems.
  2. How we adapt visual prior assumptions, such as the ‘light from above’ prior when the statistics of the environment change
  3. Short and long-term re-calibration of perceptual systems, such as the stereopsis system (using the differences between left and right eyes’ views to recover depth) and the eye-movement system.

Related research groups

Centre for Perception and Cognition (CPC)


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