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Coral reef laboratory

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About the Coral reef laboratory

The laboratory is a fully established system for coral reef projects and experimentation. Its facilities include a coral nursery facility to produce coral colony replicates for experiments, and an experimental aquarium facility for long-term experiments with reef building corals.

The aquarium system allows experimentation under tightly controlled conditions.

The laboratory also hosts representatives of actiniaria, ceriantharia, octocorallia, corallimorpharia and sclearactinia.

Our coral reef tank acts as a display, marine research and teaching aquarium. It's dedicated to demonstrating our commitment to public access and engagement about coral restoration.

Technical specification

The team propagates and studies more than 40 species of cnidarians in a multi-compartment mesocosm circulating around 12,500 litres of artificial seawater

Our coral reef tank circulates more than 2,200 litres of artificial sea water with the display tank holding 600 litres. The corals on display are propagated entirely in-house.

The mission of the tank is to:

  • provide a sustainable supply of corals for research purposes
  • enhance the learning experience of students by providing a living display of organisms relevant to their courses
  • contribute to the conservation of endangered species