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Lithography facility

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About the Lithography facility

Lithography is a central process in fabrication and nanofabrication. It is the technique by which design patterns are transferred to a sensitive resist.

We provide lithography through a mixture of techniques:

  • optical lithography uses UV mask aligners for pattern resolutions of down to 0.5µm
  • electron-beam lithography is used for smaller feature sizes

As an alternative to e-beam lithography we also have a focussed ion beam (FIB) system as part of our characterisation facilities. This is a multi nanofabrication tool system and produces very high resolution direct write lithography.

We also offer resist processing and alternative nanopatterning techniques such as microcontact printing and nano-imprint lithography.

The lithography facilities are part of our clean room at the nanofabrication centre.

Technical specification

UV mask aligners

Optical lithography is essential for top-down nanofabrication. ]We have both range of both single side and double-sided mask alignment systems:

  • EVG 620 T is a single side mask providing straightforward mask alignment and patterning options
  • EVG 620 TB is a double-sided, high precision, automated mask aligner capable of aligning both top and bottom side patterns on wafer sizes up to 150mm
  • EVG 620 TB is a second high precision, automated mask aligner dedicated for rapid prototyping
  • EVG6200 infinity is a robotic, fully automated, rapid, double-sided mask aligner, which is capable of high precision and high throughput processing of wafer sizes up to 200mm.

The EVG 620 TB is also paired with the EVG 520 bonder to provide the ability to precision align wafer stacks prior to bonding.

Jeol JBX 9300 e-beam writing system

Our e-beam system is an ideal fabrication tool for basic to advanced nanoscale research activity. It offers:

  • patterning of a writing field area of 1 mm x 1 mm in high resolution mode
  • maximum wafer size of 300 mm in diameter
  • substrate sizes from 3 mm up to 200 mm
  • loading options for 12 × “50 mm”, 3 × “100 mm”, 2 × “150 mm” and 1 × “200 mm” substrates in one pump-down
  • 2 nm minimum spot size (@100 kV)
  • minimum resolution of 8 nm line width
  • +/-30 nm overlay and +/-25 nm stitching accuracy

We can create patterns from CAD files, without the need for a photomask, allowing a quick turn around on design modifications. We use the Genisys: BEAMER software to enhance the high-resolution and throughput of the e-beam.

Resist processing

We offer resist processing capabilities including:

  • spray coater, spinners and developers for range of materials like negative, positive, lift-off resists, coating and polymers for e-beam and optical lithography.
  • hot-plates and ovens for post/pre-bake motive that can contain substrate sizes up to 200mm.
  • mask cleaning or lift-off system for heated, high-pressure or spray dispensing of developer, lift-off solutions
  • DI water that can handle wafers up to 200mm and 230mm masks.

Lithography facility

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