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Centre for Global Englishes

A collection of signs in different languages

We conduct and share research about how the English language is used around the world. In particular, we focus on different forms of English and its role as a common language. We enable collaboration and knowledge exchange with researchers and centres worldwide.


Our main aims and focus are to:

  • create, support and share research on global English use, focusing on its different forms and its role as a common language for people from different language backgrounds
  • explore the effects of this research and develop new ideas of how English language and communication works
  • study, assess, support and shape the use of English in schools and universities, with a focus on making higher education more international
  • enable knowledge-sharing and collaboration with researchers and research centres around the world, and with anyone else interested in learning more about this field

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Our director

The director of the Centre for Global Englishes is Dr Will Baker.

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