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Integrated Photonic Devices

Silicon metasurface for enhanced on-chip spectroscopy

Exploiting optical interactions at surfaces for bio/chemical analysis.


The Integrated Photonic Devices Group, led by Professor Senthil Murugan Ganapathy, was established in early 1990 by Professor James Wilkinson to meet the demand for optical device functions of increasing complexity and parallelism. Planar photonic devices are exploited in applications as diverse as telecommunications, tuneable and short-pulse miniature laser light sources, diagnostics in medicine, the environment and food processing, and early-warning sensors for biological agents. We exploit surface science, waveguide engineering, laser physics and microstructure technology to realise robust mass-producible integrated optical circuits, to further the monolithic integration of diverse devices, and to develop novel materials processing for optoelectronic devices.

The group is currently active in the fields of optical chip-based evanescent wave spectroscopy (Mid-IR and Raman Spectroscopies) for biomedical diagnostics applications and environmental sensing, Disposable chips (silicon and plastic) based point of care devices for rapid and early medical diagnostics (neonatal/respiratory and cancer), Transparent integrated optical chips for on-chip nanoscopy, Integrated Mid-IR spectrometers (on chip), Electro-optic devices based on amorphous materials with induced Pockels effect, Novel optical micro-resonators, waveguide lasers and amplifiers, and micro-structured dielectric films and materials. 

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