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Marine Biology and Ecology

About us

Learn more about the way we carry out research and the marine biology and ecology themes we focus on.


We use a range of observation, sampling and monitoring methods to research environmental and anthropogenic pressures on marine organisms and ecosystems. The types of effects include:

  • genetic
  • molecular
  • physiological
  • structural
  • behavioural

Research areas

Our research areas include:

  • ecological complexity and networks: we identify and describe several mechanisms that shape species contributions to multiple, interacting ecological functions and processes
  • eco-evolutionary dynamics: we explore how the experience of individuals operating within a dynamic ecological environment shapes the genetic evolution of their populations (and vice versa)
  • ecological variability in space and time: we work to improve the understanding of how anticipated environmental change and human activities affect organism responses, as well as ecosystem structure and functioning
  • sustainable, safe and productive oceans: we look at the ways ocean ecosystems function as the basis for their management given increasing human activities
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