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Photonic systems circuits and sensors

Our group's research in silicon phonetics is helping the development of critical global technologies.


As part of the optoelectronics research centre, we've made a significant contribution to the field of photonics. This includes waveguides, optical modulators and detectors, couplers, filters, multiplexers, and transceivers. 

Our work also covers optical fibres and amplifiers that power the Internet, and the fibre lasers that are used in fields like medicine, defence, renewable energy and manufacturing.

Our research areas include: 

  • silicon photonics 
  • integrated photonic devices 
  • planar optical materials 
  • optical biosensors and biophotonics 
  • distributed optical fibre sensors  

Our targeted applications include: 

  • optical interconnects 
  • fibre to the home (FTTH) 
  • sensing 
  • point-of-care diagnostics 

In collaboration with researchers across the research centre, we explore topics like fabrication, plasmonics and sensing. 

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My research interests include silicon photonics, integrated photonics, data centre communications and photonic sensors.
Professor of Silicon Photonics
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