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String theory and holography

Image of holographic screen around collider

The group works on all aspects of fundamental physics - string theory; quantum field theory; applications to gravity, black holes, cosmology, particle physics, condensed matter and quantum information.


The string theory and holography group has a wide range of research interests spanning theoretical physics, ranging from the fundamental structure of string theory and quantum field theory through to black holes, quantum information and cosmology. 

The holographic principle relates gravitational theories to quantum theories without gravity in one less dimension and the development of holography is a key part of the group’s research portfolio. Holography is key to the conceptual understanding of fundamental physics and is an important tool in addressing longstanding questions around the quantum physics of black holes and early universe cosmology. Development of string theory and holography frequently requires the development of novel mathematics, particularly in areas related to geometry.

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People, projects, publications and PhDs


Professor Oscar Dias


Research interests

  • Einstein's gravity
  • Black holes
  • Holographic dualities (gravity/gauge theory dualities)

Accepting applications from PhD students


Address: B54, West Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ (View in Google Maps)

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