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Research group

Sustainable electronic technologies

Wireless technology

Our group explores how renewable energy sources and more efficient technology can help make electronic devices less harmful to the environment.


We research sustainability in fields like nanotechnology, electronics and electrical engineering.

Our work is being supported by research grants from various sources including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Royal Society.

We work across the following areas.

Low power and efficient computing 

  • quantum technologies 
  • high performance computing 
  • neuromorphic computing 
  • low power devices 

Renewable energy and its management 

  • photovoltaics devices 
  • thermo-electric generators 
  • radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting 
  • wireless power systems 

Internet of Things hardware and resilient electronics 

  • secure electronics 
  • radiation-hardened electronics 
  • light-emitting diodes 
  • infrared detectors 

Research highlights

Optimising power transfer for renewable energy

Our researchers are running a series of projects to optimise the design of marine high voltage cables, used in offshore windfarms, to maximise power transfer and save money.

Projects and publications

Our people

My research interests include thermoelectric materials and generators, novel non-volatile memory and neuromorphic devices, and deep-learning enabled structural colour design and optimisation.
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