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Research group

Sustainable electronic technologies

Wireless technology

Our group explores how to improve renewable energy sources and create more efficient electronic device technology to benefit the environment.


We research new methods of electricity generation, and more efficient electronics and communications, while addressing all aspects of sustainability.

Electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones and data centres, account for a significant amount of the world's energy consumption.

We need electricity from renewable resources in order to allow advanced electronic devices to have a continued positive impact on society. We also need high-speed, low-power and efficient computing and communication.

Our research interests cover 3 main areas:

  • solar cells and energy harvesting, including photovoltaic devices, photovoltaic systems, thermoelectric generators and radiative cooling
  • mobile and automotive electronics, including lidar and beam steering light-emitting diodes, structural colour and photo-detectors
  • devices for artificial intelligence, including neuromorphic computing, heterogeneous integration, 2D material-based transistors and flexible electronics

Projects and publications

Our people

My research interests include thermoelectric materials and generators, novel non-volatile memory and neuromorphic devices, and deep-learning enabled structural colour design and optimisation.
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