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Skylar Harmon,
Carolina Alvarez,
Marian T. Hannan,
Leigh F. Callahan,
Lucy S. Gates,
Hylton B. Menz,
Amanda E. Nelson,
& Yvonne M. Golightly
, 2023 , Arthritis Care and Research
Type: article
Ivan Bristow,
Nicky Wilson,
& Alan Borthwick
, 2023 , Journal of Foot and Ankle Research , 16 (1)
Type: article
David A. Wilson,
Simon Brown,
Sandra Agyapong-Badu,
Danny Glover,
Andrew D. Murray,
Roger A. Hawkes,
, 2022 , Journal of Aging and Physical Activity , 1--8
Type: article
Paolo Dainese,
Nadine Booysen,
Anna Mulasso,
Mattia Roppolo,
, 2022 , Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies , 33 , 28--38
Type: article
Thomas A. Perry,
Alan Silman,
Nigel Arden,
Ian A. Harris,
Chelsea Nicole Dyer,
Andrew Beischer,
Ilana Ackerman,
Ove Furnes,
Geir Hallan,
Keijo T. Mäkelä,
Miika Stenholm,
Anders Henricson,
John Mckie,
& Dawson Muir
, 2022 , Journal of Foot and Ankle Research , 15 (1)
Type: article
Prue Molyneux,
Sarah Stewart,
Richard Ellis,
Keith Rome,
& Matthew Carroll
, 2022 , Journal of Foot and Ankle Research , 15 (1)
Type: review