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Centre for Democratic Futures

Our people

Learn more about our researchers and their expertise.

Doctor Bindi Shah PhD, FHEA

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • A key question that Bindi is interested in asking is: What shapes citizenship and a sense of belonging to the nation amongst immigrants and established ethnic minority communities?
  • Bindi is also interested in exploring the role of social capital for developing interdisciplinary solutions to climate crisis and biodiversity loss for marginalised communities.

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Professor David Owen

Professor in Politics

Research interests

  • 1) Post-Kantian social and political philosophy from Nietzsche to Foucault, and the Frankfurt School.
  • 2) The Ethics and Politics of Migration

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Professor Gerry Stoker

Chair in Governance

Research interests

  • 1. Much of Gerry Stoker's intitial work focused on local government and urban politics. Key publications include Remaking Planning, 1989 ( with Tim Brindley and Yvonne Rydin and the single-authored The Politics of Local Government (1988) and Transforming Local Governance (2004) 
  • 2. A broader focus on the concept and practice  of governance is reflected  in various article widely cited articles and co-authored  books published including Towards Holistic Governance(2002), Governance Theory and Practice(2009) and Nuclear Power and Enery Policy. The Limits to Governance(2015) 

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Doctor Gillian Kennedy


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Doctor Jacob Eisler

Associate Professor in Public Law

Research interests

  • Constitutional and public law, particularly law of democratic and electoral process
  • Human rights, particularly those related to political process and representation

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Doctor Jennifer Gaskell

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Political trust
  • Trust-building

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Professor John Denham


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Professor Jonathan Havercroft


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Doctor Matt Ryan

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Democracy
  • Social Research Methods

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Doctor Paolo Spada


Research interests

  • Dr. Spada research explores the diffusion and impact of governance and social innovations aimed at deepening democracy in Public Administration, Parties and Organizations (Democratic Innovations). Combining large surveys, field experiments, quantitative and qualitative analysis in a comparative perspective, he has examined cases ranging from Brazil, the United States, Cameroon, Iceland, Canada, the UK, Italy, Portugal, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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