Centre for Empirical Research in Finance and Banking (CERFIB)

Research themes

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Core Research Themes: 

  • Empirical Corporate Finance:  firm efficiency and performance, equity finance, IPOs, corporate governance, behavioural finance, dividend policy, capital structure, corporate bonds. 
  • Empirical Banking: Bank productivity, efficiency, and performance, bank risk management, bank competition and regulation, syndicated lending, bank corporate governance, bank globalisation.  
  • Empirical Asset Pricing: portfolio management and analysis, asset price volatility, option pricing, stock returns and predictability, stock price synchronisation, stock market internationalisation. 
  • Quantitative finance and banking (applications): Financial economics and econometrics, implications of heterogeneous distributions and long-memory in testing market efficiency and modelling dynamic interdependence. 

Cross-Disciplinary Research Themes: 

When an opportunity arises, members of CERFIB also engage in research into the following broad cross-disciplinary research themes. 

  • Real Effects of Finance and Banking: Explore the effects of the finance and banking sector on real economic and social outcomes, such as SMEs access to finance, entrepreneurship, innovation, poverty, inequality and life satisfaction.  
  • Ethical and Sustainable Finance and Investments: green investments, environmental finance, microfinance, Islamic banking and finance, corporate social responsibility and finance, climate change and finance.