Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CISEI)

Entrepreneurial Resilience and Sustainability Lab

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Lead: Hang Do.

The increasing uncertain global market imposes a significant impact on small businesses and entrepreneurship. To adapt with dynamic changes in the environment, entrepreneurial resilience is an essential ability to enable firms to be sustainable. 

Our Lab focuses on exploring the resilience at different levels: individual (entrepreneurial resilience - defined as a psychological/behavioural attribute of an entrepreneur that enables a rapid response/adaptation) and SMEs (organisational resilience - the firm’s ability to deal with changes in the environment), as well as clarifying corporate social responsibility practice during periods of volatility. This helps to enhance further understanding about entrepreneurial behaviour and planning and how resilience impacts on firms’ strategies and performance. The goal of the Lab is to help individuals, organisations and stakeholders to develop a crisis management framework and manage SMEs’ corporate social responsibility practice to address challenges in fast-changing environments.