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Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CISEI)

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Lab

Learn more about our Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Lab.

The Ecosystem Lab examines the ecosystems within which enterprises operate, and the new possibilities they create for different types and sizes of organisations - small, medium and large; commercial and social; technology-driven and human-centric.  

The Lab explores intertwined and complex relationships between different actors in the ecosystem and the dynamics of such relationships, helping organisations to successfully navigate through them via developing effective strategies. The Lab conducts research that helps businesses to deploy their own proprietary ecosystem that can maximise their potential for success and growth. The Lab advances understanding of how ecosystems are orchestrated, and helps organisations co-evolve and redefine their capabilities to thrive within their ecosystems. The Lab develops metrics to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of individual ecosystems. 

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