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PhD opportunities

Learn about the different options available for further study with us.

The Centre for International Film Research welcome PhD enquiries on any topic in film, television, media or audiovisual culture. The team of outstanding scholars in our friendly department support both academic and professional development, alongside a programme of specialist research skills training and many optional courses. PhD students are encouraged to engage actively in current debates in film and screen studies and to take on professional tasks early in their candidature. They are involved in regular events, including an annual PGR conference each year held under the aegis of Centre for International Film Research.

Our record with PhD students is exemplary, with a large number of students having their thesis published as a book once completed. PhD students are often energetic and become involved in initiatives. Each year, our PGRs hold an annual conference showcasing student research. We have also recently had other PGR and Postdoc organised conferences: "Virtual Space and Interactivity in Streaming Media within Transnational Contexts" and "International Perceptions of China: Chinese Culture in International Audio-Visual Culture"

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