Postgraduate research

Film studies

Film studies cameraperson

Join our community of researchers and explore a range of topics across film, television and cinema.


Our research at Southampton links national and global identities in cinema and television. We study historical approaches to cinema industries and audiences, along with the theory behind audio-visual aesthetics and their relationship with audiences.

You can explore a range of different research interests, with activities including national and international collaborative projects, major conferences and world-renowned publications.

Most of our staff are active researchers with a strong profile of critically acclaimed research publications. We see teaching and research as closely related and aim to offer our students first-hand access to recent discoveries, new ideas, and current debates in film.

In addition to more traditional research areas, we have expanded our focus to include:

  • speaking, hosting and judging at film festivals
  • DVD commentaries
  • legal consultancies
  • live music performances to films
  • writing blogs
  • appearing as experts on television documentaries

Main areas of research

Our researchers generally focus on one of these areas:

  • National, transnational and global identities in cinema and television
  • Historical approaches to cinema industries and audiences
  • Film theory and audiovisual aesthetics

Similar research degree topics

Film studies staff have research links across the University with the departments of:

Staff also have research connections with other universities, through collaborative projects – for instance with Bristol University and Lund University) as well as activities (such as co-editing books).