Centre for Research on Work and Organisations

About us

Our research centre is interdisciplinary composed of members with expertise in a range of disciplines that contribute to innovative research in the broad areas of people, work, and organisations.

These include:

  • organisational theory and behaviour (Yehuda Baruch, Mina Beigi, Sian Campbell, David Cross, Chianu Dibia, Trang Gardner, Gloria Kutscher, Jane Parry, Jelena, Petrovic, Naveena Prakasam, Ai Yu, Lihui Zhang, Yizhen Lu, Yi-Ling Lai)  

  • gender and organisation studies (Ai Yu, Jane Parry, Yi-Ling Lai) 

  • leadership (Naveena Prakasam, Mina Beigi, Matthew Sinnicks, Lihui Zhang, Bernard Bempong, Yucheng Zhang) 

  • human resource management (Yehuda Baruch, Bernard Bempong, Taposh Roy, Jane Parry, Chianu Dibia, Lihui Zhang, Yucheng Zhang) 

  • economics (Guy Vernon, Tahir Nisar, Michalis Veliziotis) 

  • economic development (Sian Campbell) 

  • psychology (Melanie Ashleigh, Sian Campbell, Yi-Ling Lai)  

  • sustainability and corporate social responsibility (Denise Baden, Taposh Toy) 

  • ethics and accountability (Ai Yu, Matthew Sinnicks, Denise Baden) 

  • sociology (Jane Parry, Ai Yu) 

  • strategic leadership and corporate governance (Michail Veliziotis, Melanie Ashleigh, Guy Vernon, Denise Baden, Tahir Nisar, Ai Yu, Jelena Petrovic, Lihui Zhang) 

  • employee ethics and religions (Trang Gardner) 

  • meaningful work (Matthew Sinnicks, Jane Parry) 

  • future of work and inequalities (David Cross, Mina Beigi, Jane Parry, Peter Rodgers, Matthew Sinnicks, Michalis Veliziotis, Naveena Prakasam)  

  • careers and skills (Yehuda Baruch, Mina Beigi, Trang Gardner)  

  • digital media, technologies and people (Tahir Nisar, Naveena Prakasam)  

  • entrepreneurship, independent professionals and self-employment (David Cross, Peter Rodgers)  

  • individual and organisational responses to hardship (Gloria Kutscher, Mina Beigi) 

  • labour market institutions and workplace trade unions (Guy Vernon, Michail Veliziotis) 

  • new ways of working (Jane Parry, Michail Veliziotis, Mina Beigi)  

  • power in technological change programmes (Ai Yu)  

  • work/non-work interface (Gloria Kutscher, Mina Beigi, Peter Rodgers, Jane Parry)  

  • work quality and well-being (Michail Veliziotis, Chianu Dibia, Trang Gardner, Yi-Ling Lai, Yizhen Lu) 

  • organisational culture (Bernard Bempong, Trang Gardner)