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Centre for Research on Work and Organisations

About us

Our members have a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and research interests.

These include:

  • organisational theory and behaviour (Yehuda Baruch, Mina Beigi, Sian Campbell, David Cross, Chianu Dibia, Trang Gardner, Gloria Kutscher, Jane Parry, Jelena, Petrovic, Naveena Prakasam, Ai Yu, Lihui Zhang) 
  • gender and organisation studies (Ai Yu, Jane Parry)
  • leadership (Naveena Prakasam, Mina Beigi, Matthew Sinnicks, Lihui Zhang, Bernard Bempong)
  • human resource management (Yehuda Baruch, Bernard Bempong, Taposh Roy, Jane Parry, Chianu Dibia, Lihui Zhang)
  • economics (Guy Vernon, Tahir Nisar, Michail Veliziotis)
  • economic development (Sian Campbell)
  • psychology (Melanie Ashleigh, Sian Campbell) 
  • sustainability and corporate social responsibility (Denise Baden, Taposh Toy)
  • ethics and accountability (Ai Yu, Matthew Sinnicks, Denise Baden)
  • sociology (Jane Parry, Ai Yu)
  • strategic leadership and corporate governance (Michail Veliziotis, Melanie Ashleigh, Guy Vernon, Denise Baden, Tahir Nisar, Ai Yu, Jelena Petrovic, Lihui Zhang)
  • employee ethics and religions (Trang Gardner)
  • meaningful work (Matthew Sinnicks, Jane Parry)
  • future of work and inequalities (David Cross, Mina Beigi, Jane Parry, Peter Rodgers, Matthew Sinnicks, Michalis Veliziotis, Naveena Prakasam) 
  • careers and skills (Yehuda Baruch, Mina Beigi, Trang Gardner) 
  • digital media, technologies and people (Tahir Nisar, Naveena Prakasam) 
  • entrepreneurship, independent professionals and self-employment (David Cross, Peter Rodgers) 
  • individual and organisational responses to hardship (Gloria Kutscher, Mina Beigi)
  • labour market institutions and workplace trade unions (Guy Vernon, Michail Veliziotis)
  • new ways of working (Jane Parry, Michail Veliziotis, Mina Beigi) 
  • power in technological change programmes (Ai Yu) 
  • work/non-work interface (Gloria Kutscher, Mina Beigi, Peter Rodgers, Jane Parry) 
  • work quality and well-being (Michail Veliziotis, Chianu Dibia, Trang Gardner)
  • organisational culture (Bernard Bempong, Trang Gardner) 
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