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Keep up with our research centre's latest news and events, showcasing the achievements and activities of our members:


Our members have recently achieved significant milestones and garnered media attention:

Denise Baden:

Spoke at several events at COP28, Dubai

  • 4th Dec 2023: 10.45-11.45 - Greening Education Hub
  • 6th Dec 2023: 12.30 - Climate Change and Education Conference, University of Dubai
  • 8th Dec 2023: 11.45 - Positive visions and engagement through climate fiction at the Green Zone Innovation and Technology Hub
Yehuda Baruch:

Along with colleagues at Audencia Business School, received press coverage on their study about chance events affecting managers:

Jane Parry:


We are pleased to share updates on recent events that members of our research centre have participated in:

HRM and OB Departmental Away Day (19 June 2024):

  • Members of HRM and OB gathered at a local hotel to discuss how to further embed excellence into research and teaching.

Research Showcase Event (18th December 2023):

  • Members (staff and PGRs) participated in a research showcase event.

PGR Conference (22 September 2023):

  • Hosted by the Department of HRM and OB /Centre for Research on Work and Organisations (CRoWO).
  • Expertly chaired by second-year PhD students Vivien Xiao Yu and Fabien Littel.
  • Networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration for the academic year ahead.

    Presentations from PGRs:

    • Leonara Amponsah-Asante: Organisational silence
    • Fabien Littel: Moral disengagement and climate change
    • Colin Linton: Contract management
    • Qingyang Xu: The gig economy

    Presentations from staff:

    • David Cross: Handling qualitative data
    • Eason Zhang: Overview of meta-analysis
    • Taposh Roy: Creating teaching opportunities for the PGR community

Research Away Day (19th June):

  • Held at Wide Lane Sports Ground.
  • Great attendance, showcasing a collegial approach to academically productive work.
  • Members shared paper/grant ideas and received feedback.
  • Discussions on best practices for impactful research.
  • Commitment to future participation in similar events.

Research Seminar Series:

Presentations by scholars (external and internal):

  • Professor Mina Beigi (Southampton Business School): 'We were all in it together: Managing work from home as dual-earner households with school-age children' 
  • Dr. Matthew Sinnicks (Southampton Business School): 'Why journal rankings are good, actually'
  • Dr. Yi-Ling Lai (Southampton Business School): 'The identity work of freelancers in the knowledge economy: focusing on coaches who support C-suites'
  • Dr. Michael Marinetto (Cardiff Business School): 'Unfollow the Money: Over-Researching the Poor, Under-Researching the Rich and the Poverty of Plutocracy (Data)'
  • Dr. Gloria Kutscher (Southampton Business School) and Dr. Derin Kent (Warwick Business School): ‘Relational boundary management in confined work settings’
  • Dr. Min Zou (Henley Business School): 'A Study of New Labour Market Entrants’ Job Satisfaction Trajectories During a Series of Consecutive Job Changes'
  • Dr. Jolanta Jaskiene (ISM University of Management and Economics): 'HRM and Research Performance in the Higher Education Context: Evidence from European Countries'
  • Mehdi Boussebaa (University of Glasgow): ‘Unsettling West-centrism in management studies: insights from research on professional organisations’
  • Sam Farley (University of Sheffield): ‘How does workplace bullying influence personality over time? Results from a Swiss panel study’
  • Alan Felstead (Cardiff University): ‘Mutations at work: tracking how the character of homeworking has changed’
  • See Hee Lee (Kent Business School): ‘The emergence of creative leaders within social networks: the case of Andy Warhol in the art world of New York’
  • Donald Nordberg (Bournemouth University): ‘Hubris and leadership: the role of, and warning signs in, storytelling and mythmaking’
  • Cara Reed (Cardiff Business School): ‘Expert authority in crisis: making authority real through struggle’