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Work with us

Whether you're interested in collaborating on research, or doing a PhD, find out how to get in touch.

We are ideally placed to bring together experts in:

  • inorganic and organic geochemistry
  • analytical and environmental radiochemistry and radioactivity
  • environmental geology and geochemistry
  • contaminated land 
  • carbon capture and storage

We're keen to develop new projects and collaborations in all areas of our research.


Examples of how we work with organisations include:

  • generating data on ancient climate systems to feed into international efforts like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  • leading large international initiatives, such as the Oman Drilling Project 
  • participating in pilot CO2 injection projects such as CarbFix, Iceland
  • playing a leading role in international efforts to capture CO2 through the 2023 Earthshot Prize and 44.01
  • working with the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) for sample collection
  • informing and developing policies for achieving net zero carbon emissions for the Royal Society and the US Energy Futures Initiative

Check out our publications section to see many examples of successful PhD projects and international collaborations.

Study for a PhD with us

If you join us as a PhD student, you’ll be part of an inspiring and collaborative research environment at NOCS.