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Law and Technology Centre

About us

Learn more about our work and purpose.

Our mission is to join and influence the wider debate on the legal implications of technological developments. For this purpose, we regularly host conferences and workshops with experts and policy makers from various disciplines and jurisdictions to discuss topical issues, exchange knowledge and form pathways for collaborative research. This includes the Law and Technology Seminar Series in which scholars share their works-in-progress with our academic community. The Centre contributes to the production of high-quality outputs, generates impact, and adds to the wider research environment. In so doing, it helps foster Southampton Law School's national and international reputation in law and technology research.

The Centre supports doctoral researchers working on topics that fall within the scope of its research themes, occasionally with full PhD scholarships. PhD candidates affiliated to the Centre actively participate and contribute to its activities and are considered a vital part of our research community.

The Centre also hosts Visitors and welcomes expression of interest from external researchers, policy makers, businesses, and civil community to engage in knowledge-sharing activities, joint research projects and building educational partnerships.