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Law and Technology Centre

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Keep up to date with our latest news and activities.

Centre’s recent events (academic years 2021-22 and 2022-23) 
24 May 2023: Law and Technology Centre’s Annual Lecture by Professor Colin Gavaghan, Professor of Digital Futures, University of Bristol Law School 
17 May 2023: ‘Technological Innovations and the Limits of “Right to Try” Arguments’, Research Seminar by Dr Michael Da Silva, Lecturer, Southampton Law School 
10 March 2023: ‘Data Protection in Practice’, Research Seminar at the Foundations in Data Protection Law module by Visiting Professor Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Brussels Privacy Hub, VUB, Belgium  
8 February 2023, ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Abundance of Responsibility’, Research Seminar by Dr Maximilian Kiener, Junior-Professor of Philosophy and Digital Ethics at the University of Oldenburg / Research Fellow of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and an Associate Research Fellow of The Institute for Ethics in AI at University of Oxford 
15 December 2022: ‘For Profit: A History of Corporations’, Research Seminar by Professor William Magnuson, Texas A&M University School of Law 
30 May 2022: ‘The Online Safety Bill 2022: Has the Wait Been Worth it?', Research Workshop organised by Professor Uta Kohl, Southampton Law School 
11 May 2022: ‘When public officials speak in public: Legal effects and accountability in the digital era’, Research Seminar by Dr Napoleon Xanthoulis, Lecturer, Southampton Law School 
16 March 2022: ‘Guardians of Innovation: Do Intellectual Property Rights Still Protect and Promote Innovation Efficiently?’, Research Seminar by Dr Hedvig Schmidt, Associate Professor, Southampton Law School 
14 February 2022: ‘Towards the “complementarity and convergence” of EU consumer and data protection? Some thoughts on the design of enforcement regimes’, Research Seminar by Dr Stephanie Law, Associate Professor, Southampton Law School 
16 December 2021: ‘Transnational cooperation in data protection in the post-Brexit era’, Research Workshop jointly organised by Dr Napoleon Xanthoulis, Southampton Law School / Law and Technology Centre and Professor Takis Tridimas, Centre of European Law, King’s College London as part of the ‘Cross-Border Data Protection Network’ UKRI/IRC Project [programme]