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nCATS Group

Research themes

We use multiscale modelling and analytical and experimental techniques to develop a better understanding of tribological processes at the molecular, micro and nano scales.


Our research is used in:

  • developing sensors and novel probes for tribological processes
  • renewable energy systems
  • manipulating complex microbial communities at interfaces linked to tribological issues of fouling
  • understanding biotribological performance at the interface of artificial material and live tissue.


Our research covers these key themes:

  • abrasion testing
  • anti-fouling
  • biomechanical
  • chemical analysis
  • coating assessment
  • corrosion
  • crystallographic assessment
  • electrical property assessment
  • electron microscopy
  • erosion testing
  • friction measurements
  • hardness
  • impact
  • lubricated tribological testing
  • nanoindentation
  • nano-mechanical testing
  • nano-tribological testing
  • polymers and paints
  • rolling (and rolling-sliding) testing
  • sliding wear testing
  • surface topography/morphology
  • tribological testing
  • wear loss measurements
  • Young’s modulus measurements