Quantum, Light and Matter Group

About us

Our academics are involved in a mix of curiosity-driven and applied research at the cutting edge of physics and technology. Much of our work emphasizes the themes of nanostructuring, optical control and quantum coherence, with a common interest in physics at the nano-scale where quantum mechanical behaviour comes to the fore.

Research in Quantum, Light and Matter covers the interfaces between physics, chemistry, biomedicine and engineering and we engage actively with other parts of our University in multidisciplinary teams.

Research in the QLM group covers the following thematic areas: 

  • experimental foundations of quantum physics 
  • photonic quantum technology and quantum metrology 
  • hybrid polaritonics and ultrastrong light-matter interaction 
  • nanoscience, advanced materials and photonics 

We occupy modern laboratories with the latest lasers and characterisation tools and we are closely connected to the University's cleanroom nanofabrication facility.