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Silica Fibre Fabrication


Learn more about the facilities supporting our research.

To support our research we employ the latest, state-of-the-art fibre fabrication facilities along with a comprehensive suite of design and characterization techniques. Among these are: 

  • 2 custom MCVD lathes
  • 1 glass working lathe
  • Outside Vapor Deposition (OVD) system
  • Support for a wide variety of dopants with both gas phase deposition and advanced solution doping techniques for active fibre fabrication 
  • Comprehensive glass/preform post-processing facilities including ultra-sonic drilling/milling
  • State-of-the-art draw tower  
  • Fibre proof testing
  • Full preform and fibre analysis capability including index profiling, tomography, stress measurement, OTDR and rare earth spectroscopy
  • Optical measurement facilities for complete fibre performance evaluation as well as laser/amplifier and/or device level characterization in both active and passive fibres 
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