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Southampton Geospatial

Our people

Meet the geospatial experts working in our interdisciplinary team.

Mr Andrew Harfoot

Senior Enterprise Fellow
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Dr Andrew Phillips BSc, PhD, SFHEA

Snr Teaching Fellow in Environmental GIS
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Professor Andrew Power


Research interests

  • Geographies of social care and support for disabled people including personalisation, peer-support and residential care.
  • Relational geographies of the voluntary sector particularly within the social care landscape
  • Family caregiving and the interdependency between care givers and recipients 

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Professor Andrew Tatem

Personal Chair

Research interests

  • Developing approaches to map population distributions, demographics and dynamics through complementing traditional datasources (census, survey, registries) with new forms of geospatial data from e.g. satellite imagery and mobile devices.
  • Understanding the drivers of small area heterogeneities in population health and development in low and middle income settings.
  • The use of high resolution demographic and mobility data for improving understanding and modelling of pathogen dynamics.
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Dr Attila Lazar PhD, MSc, BEng

Principal Research Fellow GRID3 Project
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Dr Brian Hracs

Associate Professor

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Dr Carla Pezzulo

Research interests

  • Socio-economic determinants of poverty, health and education in low and middle-income countries
  • Development Studies and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Spatial analysis of demographics and socio-economic indicators
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Professor Chris Hill

Professorial Fellow-Enterprise
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Professor Craig Hutton

Director Sustainability&Resilience Inst.

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