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A Southampton Geospatial researcher talks with team members, standing over a map, with a laptop with a data visualisation to the side
Southampton Geospatial

Get geospatial insight

Southampton Geospatial can help you find out what datasets will meet your goals. We can work with you to collect, combine and interpret data about any place you work.
We can help you find out what is happening in any location.

We provide insights about places for organisations such as the National Trust, Marwell Zoo and Ordnance Survey. We work across fields including biological science, engineering and social statistics in nations such as India, Kenya and the UK.

As your contractor or research partner, we can offer you all the skills a geospatial project needs. Find out how we can realise insights for your organisation.

Find out what geospatial data you need


We can help you work out what data meets your need, where to find it and how to collect new data if you need it. We have an extensive collection of open data from our projects.

Get software and technology to aid data collection


The Southampton Geospatial team works with a wide range of technologies for geospatial data collection. These include autonomous vehicles and other sensor technologies as well as administrative, survey and census datasets.

Get models and analysis to combine and interpret data


Southampton Geospatial develops new tools and models for the combination and analysis of geospatial data. We have developed innovative data interpretation models for applications ranging from satellite imagery and smart sensors to census datasets.

Grow your geospatial data skills


Southampton Geospatial offers a range of standard and bespoke training courses for external organisations. These cover geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial technologies and include:

We are also developing a trainee geospatial data scientist programme.

Contact us and find out more

Connect with us to find out how geospatial data, analysis and training could benefit your organisation.

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