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Southampton Imaging

Our expertise

Southampton Imaging researchers and technical staff represent 3 key areas of expertise.

Developers at Southampton:

Our researchers are developing cutting edge Imaging tools and technologies in laser spectroscopy which probes molecular organization in environments from single molecules to liquid interfaces and new spectroscopy and imaging techniques that extract chemical information from biological systems to understand disease processes for early, faster or more sensitive healthcare diagnostics.

We develop new fundamental technologies such as lasers for imaging applications. We develop new computational tools through the use of Artificial Intelligence, that allow new insight and analysis, of the imaging process or the diagnostic application of the methods.


Our researchers use state of the art systems at the frontiers of imaging for biomedical and environmental research, in areas such as dementia and neurological diseases, musculoskeletal development and age-related conditions, and understanding geochemical phenomena and effect of climate change.

Facility Providers & Enablers:

Southampton facilities house state of the art equipment and provide microscopy services as well as a suite of advanced electron microscopy, optical microscopy and histology services.

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