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Research project

Building a globally leading partnership between the UK National Biofilms Innovation Centre and Argentina

Project overview

Microbes are key in sustainable crop production but there are many unknowns on how populations of bacteria and fungi communities known as biofilms influence plant behaviour and impact on plant nutrition and protection, soil quality,bioremediation and climate change. This award brings together researchers/industry from the UK's National Biofilms Innovation Centre and Argentina to address this knowledge gap and improve agricultural productivity in both countries reducing the use of chemical treatments and their environmental impact. The objectives are to:-Bring together complementary academic/industrial expertise from these countries on the exploitation of biofilms in agriculture-Identify the key knowledge gaps and research challenges in this area of agricultural impact.-Develop a white paper that establishes priority research areas to address these gaps.-Create future research collaborations for the use of biofilms in crop production between the Uk and Argentina.


Other researchers

Professor Jeremy Webb

Professor of Microbiology

Professor Jo Slater-Jefferies PhD, MBA, CMgr, MCMI

CEO-National Biofilms Innovation Centre

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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