Professor Jo Slater-Jefferies

Professor Jo Slater-Jefferies

CEO-National Biofilms Innovation Centre

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The National Biofilms Innovation Centre goal is to be the recognised hub for accessing biofilm expertise, science, and innovation in the UK and with global impact. We aim to convert the scientific, technological, and industrial expertise in biofilms in the UK, into breakthrough innovations and successful commercialisation to deliver economic growth and societal value. Biofilms represent a $4tn challenge globally across multiple industry sectorsNBIC is a network of 63 University partners and over 150 companies across health, food, beverage, agriculture, consumer products, industrial processing, marine and oil sectors. NBIC is working across four strategic themes to prevent, detect, manage, and engineer biofilms by capitalising on world-class underpinning research and infrastructure to address sectoral challenges identified with our industry partners. 

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