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Research project

Clough PG/12/18/29453 Maternal over-nutrition and offspring microvascular function


Lead researcher

Emeritus Professor Geraldine Clough

Research interests

  • Early identification of risk of small vessel dysfunction in cardio-metabolic disease
  • Mechanisms underlying the developmental priming of vascular plasticity and endothelial dysfunction by maternal diet
  • Development of novel devices and approaches for the multiscale assessment of the dynamics of microvascular perfusion
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Other researchers

Professor Chris Byrne

Professor of Endocrinol & Met
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Research outputs

Berit Zeller-Plumhoff, Joshua L. Mead, Deck Tan, Tiina Roose, Geraldine Clough, Richard Boardman & Philipp Schneider, 2017, Optics Express
Type: article
Berit Zeller-Plumhoff, Keith Daly, Geraldine Clough, Philipp Schneider & Tiina Roose, 2017, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 14(135)
Type: article
Katarzyna Z. Kuliga, Rodney Gush, Geraldine F. Clough & Andrew J. Chipperfield, 2017, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
Type: article
Berit Zeller-Plumhoff, Tiina Roose, Mark Mavrogordato, Orestis Katsamenis, Christopher Torrens, Philipp Schneider & Geraldine Clough, 2017, Journal of Anatomy, 230(6), 859-865
Type: article
Berit Zeller-Plumhoff, Tiina Roose, Geraldine Clough & Philipp Schneider, 2017, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 14(127)
Type: article