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Dr David Johnston

Technical Manager

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Dave Johnston holds an Experimental Officer and Technical Manager position in the Biomedical Imaging Unit, Faculty of Medicine, where he is responsible for the Unit's range of light microscope systems (confocal, lightsheet, digital slide scanning, time-lapse, general photomicroscopy) and anything else that needs doing! The BIU specialises in multidimensional and correlative imaging across light, electron and X-ray imaging systems.

Other activities include:

  • co-managing the Faculty's new International Summer School
  • co-managing the Faculty's pilot volunteering scheme
  • teaching and tutoring for the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Biological Sciences
  • a wide range of outreach activities including designing and fabricating outreach materials for faculty members
  • formal and informal supervision of BSC, MSC and PhD students using the BIU's facilities

He has an honorary contract with the University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and provides microscopy support for the Cellular Pathology Division, including technical support for implimentation of digital pathology as part of the national PathLAKE initiative.