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Research project

Consequences of active Aβ immunotherapy on the stress and neuronal pathways

Project overview

Foundation Philippe Chatrier.
Award to Dr Claire Paquet to perform a one year research project in my group.
30,000 euros


Other researchers

Professor Delphine Boche

Professor of Neuroimmunopathology

Research interests

  • Neuroimmunology and neurodegeneration
  • Immunophenotyping immune cells
  • Human brain pathology

Research outputs

Claire Paquet,
Seth Love,
François Mouton-Liger,
Jacques Hugon,
, 2017 , Brain Pathology
Type: article
Claire Paquet,
Morad El Bouchtaoui,
Sarah Gourmaud,
Anne Janin,
& Guilhem Bousquet
, 2017 , Neuropathology , 1--3
Type: article
François Mouton-Liger,
Mariam Nasser,
Seth Love,
Françoise Gray,
Ruth Pickering,
Jacques Hugon,
& Claire Paquet
, 2013 , Alzheimer's & Dementia , 9 (4S, Part 7) , P284
Type: conference
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