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Research project

Core Capability for Chemistry Research in Southampton - Brown - EPSRC


Lead researcher

Professor Richard Brown

Professor of Organic Chemistry
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Other researchers

Professor Gill Reid


Research interests

  • Synthetic inorganic chemistry
  • Design and synthesis of new macrocyclic and multidentate ligands involving donor atoms from Groups 15 (P, As, Sb, Bi) and 16 (S, Se, Te)
  • Coordination chemistry with s-, p-, d- and f-block metal ions
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Research outputs

Dmitry Shishmarev, Clement Q. Fontenelle, Bruno Linclau, Ilya Kuprov & Philip W. Kuchel, 2023, ChemBioChem, e202300597
Type: article
Gabija Poškaitė, David E. Wheatley, Neil Wells, Bruno Linclau & Davy Sinnaeve, 2023, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 88(19), 13908-13925
Type: article
Jack W. Hodgson, Ana A. Folgueiras Amador, Derek Pletcher, David C. Harrowven, Guy Denuault & Richard C.D. Brown, 2023, Faraday Discussions, 247, 302-323
Type: article