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Research project

D Boche ARUK - Impact of Systemic Inflammation due to infection on Microglia Phenotype


Lead researcher

Professor Delphine Boche

Professor of Neuroimmunopathology

Research interests

  • Neuroimmunology and neurodegeneration
  • Immunophenotyping immune cells
  • Human brain pathology
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Other researchers

Research outputs

Ana Belen Lopez-Rodriguez, Edel Hennessy, Carol Murray, Arshed Nazmi, Hugh J Delaney, Daire Healy, Steven Fagan, Michael Rooney, Erika Stewart, Anouchka Lewis, Niamh de Barra, Philip Scarry, Louise Riggs-Miller, Delphine Boche, Mark Cunnigham & Colm Cunnigham, 2021, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 17(10)
Type: article
Sonja Rakic, Yat M.A. Hung, Matthew Smith, Denise So, Hannah Tayler, William Varney, Joe Wild, Scott Harris, Clive Holmes, Seth Love, William Stewart, James Nicoll & Delphine Boche, 2018, Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 6(88)
Type: article
Diana K. Franco Bocanegra, James A.R. Nicoll & Delphine Boche, 2017, Journal of Neural Transmission, 20
Type: article
Jay Amin, Delphine Boche & Sonja Rakic, 2017, Brain Pathology, 27(2), 192-204
Type: article