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Research project

Dr Jane Cleal: Functional gene mapping of the endometrial phenotype involved in successful pregnancy: combining 3D imaging and single cell transcriptomics


Lead researcher

Dr Jane Cleal PhD

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Areas of Scientific Expertise:
  • Reproductive Cell Biology – Fundamental mechanisms of cell biology in placenta and endometrium and the impact on the intra-uterine environment, fetal development and lifelong health.Regulation of Reproductive Cell Biology – Maternal exposures and molecular regulation of cellular gene expression, phenotype and function in placenta and endometrium and the clinical translation.Disease/phenotype – Fetal growth, Obesity, Cardiometabolic programming, Subfertility, Recurrent pregnancy loss.Cellular mechanisms – Membrane transport, endocytosis, vesicular transport & signalling, gene transcription, microRNA biology, epigenetic regulation.Vitamin D - Transport, regulation, metabolism and signalling.
Other researchers

Professor Rohan Lewis PhD, FTPS

Prof of Placental&Integrative Physiology

Professor Ying Cheong

Professor of Reproductive Medicine

Research outputs

Jennifer E. Pearson-Farr,
Regan Doherty,
David S. Chatelet,
Patricia Goggin,
Ka Ying Bonnie Ng,
, 2023 , Reproduction , 167 (1)
Type: article
Jennifer Pearson-Farr,
Gabrielle Wheway,
Maaike SA Jongen,
Patricia Goggin,
, 2022 , Reproduction and Fertility , 3 (3) , 162--72
Type: article
Rebecca Davies,
Catherine Griffiths,
Kathryn Askelund,
Eleni Palaiologou,
Anton Page,
David S. Chatelet,
Patricia Goggin,
Larry Chamley,
, 2022 , Placenta , 123 , 24--30
Type: article
Brogan Ashley,
Claire Simner,
Antigoni Manousopoulou,
Carl Jenkinson,
Felicity Hey,
Jennifer M. Frost,
Faisal I Rezwan,
Cory H White,
Emma Lofthouse,
Emily Hyde,
Pamela A Mahon,
Elizabeth Curtis,
Kerry S. Jones,
Martin Hewison,
Spiros Garbis,
Miguel R. Branco,
, 2022 , eLife , 11
Type: article
& Bram Sengers
, 2020 , Placenta , 93 , 43--48
Type: review
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